Somewhat Damaged (nyted) wrote,
Somewhat Damaged

It seems like today is International Bag Out Burlesque day...

All I ask people, is if you're going to chew it out as illegitimate and cheap, remember that I'm on your fucking friends list and can see it. You might not mean to be so generalising but it really hurts when I see people who I support in things they do basically spit on my virtual face.

I work hard making all my costumes and props and coming up with new routines. I research things. I've watched countless hours of video's of other performers to see what they do right and what to avoid. I have my own style and I have my own original ideas and acts.

I pour everything into this. All my money and all my heart.

You might not mean to insult me, but maybe you could show you don't group me in with the bad ones by saying so. Makes it easier when I read it, instead of assuming you are basically calling me a fat whore that charges too much for too little.
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